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Transport and logistics

The supply chain serves to manage the flows of a business, and our procurement teams intervene mainly in transport and storage functions. These two trades cover different realities and stakeholders. Between contract-based solutions for road, air or maritime transport, to outsourcing the management of the supply or distribution chain (3 or even 4 HGV), there are major differences.

With low margins and high restrictions (regulations, security, etc.) the transport market is under constant stress. This low-margin very fragmented sector forces loaders to pay special attention to sourcing and to monitoring the panel.

Besides the quality aspects via compliance with the loading and delivery times notably, this monitoring must include indicators of the level of dependence and monitoring of subcontracting.  The arrival of innovations that take into account the reduction of CO2 will be the next strategic turn for loaders that the consultants can help you to take.

As for the storage market, the restrictions related to the activity prevent rapid movement from one supplier to another. Nevertheless, the establishment of a strong partnership with your supplier is essential to ensure an organisation and goods management processes that are flexible and effective.

This requires the provision of external skills that the EPSA consultants are capable of providing: whether it concerns writing specifications and supervising consultations, carrying out performance audits and defining action plans or putting the KPI to the test, our teams assist you in improving the performance of your warehousing strategy.