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Information technologies

Computer hardware and software require special expertise

The computer budget (first budget for non-production procurements), essential in the business strategy, is rapidly growing (+5.7% in 2016) and includes several levels of equipment, operating systems, servers, peripheral devices, software (hardware/software), virtualisation tools, data storage, etc.

IT architectures are continuously changing, now including digital technologies, the Cloud, SAAS (Software as a Service) for CRMs, messaging service and video conferencing.

Organisational and legal optimisation is complex and the P2I (innovative inter-organisational practices) function now includes the management contract, supplier relations management (Business review) and even international roaming.

The EPSA Business & Technologies Centre acts in historic categories such as the acquisition of hardware and software. In the optimisation of information and telecommunications service provision policies: TA, time-based, fixed-rate, TPAM, FM, data, voice, network, etc. And also in redefining printing systems: printing policy, equipment and consumables.

Our consultants, who all have a business background, are proficient in the main action levers and act on behalf of SMEs and major international customers. They have a precise vision of supplier practices and marketing conditions and know the risks and pitfalls to avoid. An efficient back office system keeps them updated on the latest market data and gives them access to pertinent benchmarks to analyse answers to calls for tender.


Mobility, connected objects and virtual reality are at the heart of future challenges

Computer equipment changes rapidly and is increasingly complex, with the emergence of the Cloud and high-performing technical products.

With the advent of the tablet, hybrid PC, video-conferencing, etc., mobility has become a high expectation of subscribers, and over the years to come, the challenges for CIOs will be professional connected objects, IOT (Internet Of Things), internal FabLabs (Fabrication laboratory) and virtual reality (VR).

Our mission is to assist procurement departments and CIOs in this innovative ever-changing environment.

EPSA technical expertise helps to redefine essential functional needs, establish optimised distribution networks, negotiate with the major players in the sector and manage catalogue creation (PunchOut).

In 2016, we generated 13% to 38% savings on calls for tender that we managed, and we supervised a world market of over 20,000 jobs.

Printing solution

Printing less and better is possible.

The hidden costs of printing are high and this item is not negligible in the IT expenses portfolio.

Analysing the on-site printing fleet, verifying its adequacy for user needs, streamlining the amount of equipment and implementing a dematerialisation strategy and a printing policy are some of the actions that can enable you to optimise your expenses or even make substantial savings of 10% to 30% according to the volumes.

EPSA consultants assist your computer departments to implement the most adapted solutions, manage and negotiate rental agreements, with or without a procurement option and service contracts which determine the cost per page