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Optimisation and management of your car fleet

Often considered as the second expense item after salaries, and/or as a part of the payment package, company cars, whether related to the status in the company or service cars, elicit significant interest from all the employees of a company.

A vehicle catalogue, a component of the company’s Car Policy, defines the choice of brands and models by driver category.

This choice is usually determined by comparing the TCO (total cost of ownership) for each model, while considering the category (saloon, estate, etc.) motorisation, CO2 emissions and the vehicle segment in relation to the driver category. Taxation remains a determining factor because it is a large part of the cost.

Many stakeholders intervene for the procurement, choice and management of vehicles. It is useful to equip yourself with fleet management software and plan the management method: internalised or outsourced.

In order to decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO), mainly comprised of taxes and related to the use of the vehicle, EPSA can help you to understand them by activating different levers identified during a diagnosis of your fleet. The potential for savings varies from 5 to 25%.