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Financement de l’innovation et de projets

Through their Financial and Innovation centre, 7Partners assists start-ups, innovative SMEs and major groups with their financial, structuring and project management issues.

Engineers from the most prestigious French schools (Ecole Centrale, Arts et Métiers, INSA, etc.) and experienced lawyers work hand in hand to provide practical organisational, financial and tax solutions for these businesses, so that they can carry out their Research, Development and Innovation projects under the best conditions.

Through regular and sustained technological, legal and tax monitoring, the 7Partners teams are able to offer personalised and optimised assistance in the search for the most active and profitable tax and financial levers from public institutions (tax credits, subsidies, call for tenders, collaborative projects, interest-free loans, tax niches, etc.).

In 2017, France has over 6,000 aid and financing schemes attributed by close to 900 different organisations. These aids and tax schemes enable the financing of all the expenses inherent to the development of a business:

  • Research & Development (R&D) and Innovation;
  • growth and employment;
  • international expansion and export;
  • investment or establishment;
  • the environment and sustainable development.

To date, 7Partners has made the most of the reliable and operational technical and fiscal skills of their teams to assist over 300 businesses with their problems in diverse and varied business segments such as the plastics industry, metallurgy, the chemical industry, pharmaceutics, agribusiness, energy, the car industry, etc.

Tax credit and tax statuses

Tax credits are very advantageous tax schemes that enable industrial, commercial, artisan and agricultural businesses to deduct from their corporation taxes a part of the expenses related to their Innovation, Research and Development or export development projects.

The 7Partners teams can help you to obtain different types of tax credits (Research, Innovation, Market Research, Applied Arts, Collection, etc.) according to your needs and your past, current or future projects.

The objective is to provide businesses with a real added value based on in-depth knowledge of these complex tax schemes. This results in securing the approach in compliance with the tax authorities’ requirements, optimising amounts according to the actual expenses and providing assistance throughout the scrutinising of the case by the tax authorities.

In addition, the 7Partners teams can also help you to obtain very advantageous tax statuses (Innovative Start-ups, Student Start-ups, etc.) providing the possibility for companies to be temporarily exonerated from corporate taxes and diverse employee contributions.

7Partners has now assisted over 300 businesses with these issues and to date has recorded no tax adjustment.

7Partners a d’ores et déjà accompagné plus de 300 entreprises autour de ces problématiques et n’a enregistré à ce jour aucun redressement.

Aids and subsidies

Regardless of your investment need, many regional, national and European aids and subsidies can help you to finance your projects.

There are many assistance schemes for businesses, in fact, over 5,000 schemes are attributed by 900 organisations (BPIFrance, Regional councils, Departmental councils, Economic development agencies, etc.).

7Partners helps you to identify aids and subsidies for your individual and collaborative projects by maximising their financing: subsidies, repayable loans, loans on trust or interest-free loans. Moreover, these types of financing are complementary to other public schemes and must be included in a global financing approach for your projects.

7Partners also assists you in your decision-making and informs you of the financing schemes that are best adapted to your business segment and to your project, in all respects: investment, innovation, training, environment, employment, improvement in working conditions and export.

Our project approach that covers all public financing, generates new opportunities thanks to continuous monitoring and a long-term collaboration. Management of all the aids and subsidies requires dedicated expertise because the terms of eligibility are constantly changing and there is an increasing difficulty answering to the administrations in case of an inspection.

On request, 7Partners also assists their customers to set up collaborative projects by helping them to find the best partners or even consortia.

Strategic assistance

The 7Partners firm positions itself as a real Innovation supporter for customers by also providing them with formalisation, structuring and management tools for their innovative projects. The actions taken by project teams consisting of engineers with degrees from prestigious schools are in various forms:

  • Innovation Management: using formalisation and cartography tools, 7Partners assists their customers to capitalise on their knowledge and to structure their innovation. The different innovation processes are analysed, defined and planned according to the needs of the previously selected markets. Connection to strategic partner networks also helps to create technological and commercial synergies while providing real opportunities for co-innovation.
  • Risk management: through an in-depth study of the barriers to adoption and the key factors of success using innovative and operational management tools, 7Partners assists their customers to improve their control of financial and technological risks (for example; industrial property) related to the development of their innovative projects.
  • Promoting creativity: to assist their customers to find effective solutions for persistent problems, the 7Partners teams make the most of their technical and strategic skills to run brainstorming and creativity workshops. This work leads to the emergence of new pertinent ideas that are adapted to the different problems while going beyond conventionalities related to the internal functioning of businesses.
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